How to Boot Up Windows 98 With a CD

By Ty Arthur

When you first bought your Windows 98 computer, it came with a boot CD that can be used in the event of any serious software issues. If your system has been infected with a problematic virus or is simply cluttered with junk you want to get rid of, you can boot from the CD and re-install the operating system. Booting from the Windows 98 recovery CD doesn't require any special computer skills; you simply need to follow the prompts on the screen.

Insert the Windows 98 boot CD into your computer's CD drive. Restart the computer and wait for the boot menu to appear.

Highlight "Boot From CD" and press "Enter". Select "Start Computer with CD-ROM Support" if you only want to boot Windows 98 from the CD. Press "Enter."

Select "Start Windows 98 Setup from CD-ROM" if you want to re-install Windows 98 on the computer's hard drive from the boot CD. Press "Enter."

Press "Enter" again to start the installation process. Click "Continue" and click "Next." Click the "Typical" radio button and click "Next."

Type in a name for the computer and click "Next." Select your geographical location and time zone from the drop-down menus and choose "Next."

Click "Restart Now" and wait for the installation process to finish. Highlight "Boot from Hard Disk" and press "Enter."


If you no longer have the original Windows 98 boot CD that came with your computer, you can create a new one. Download an ISO image of the boot disk and burn it to a blank CD. Use the burned CD just as you would use the original boot CD.


If you boot Windows 98 from the CD instead of from your hard drive, you will not have access to any files or folders you previously had created on the hard drive. Re-installing Windows 98 with the boot CD will erase any files on your computer's hard drive.