How to Boot a Toshiba to Restore the Partition

By Jonah Quant

Although many Toshiba computers are sold with a pre-loaded instance of the Microsoft Windows operating system on them, Toshiba does not include a Windows CD or DVD with each computer. If anything goes wrong and the Windows instance needs to be repaired or completely reinstalled, the user cannot just insert the operating system CD or DVD and follow standard procedure. Instead, the user must instruct the Toshiba computer to use the copy of Windows stored inside a hidden partition on the computer's hard disk. You can restore the contents of that partition to your live Windows system partition by using the Advanced Boot Options menu.

Shut down the Toshiba computer. Turn the computer back on while keeping the "F8" key pressed. The computer will eventually display the "Advanced Boot Options" menu.

Select "Startup repair" with the up and down arrow keys, then press "Enter." Windows will attempt to diagnose the problem with your Windows installation. If the problem falls into a category it can fix without your intervention, it will fix the problem and reboot.

Select "Directory services restore mode" if "Startup repair" did not fix your problem when invoked as directed by Step 2. This will force a whole reinstallation of Windows from the partition hidden in the Toshiba computer. When the reinstallation processis complete, the computer will reboot.