How to Block Google Chat

By Gemma Craig

When employees use company time to perform personal activities, such as chatting with personal contacts using Google Chat, it can interfere with performance and increase project completion time. If your employees continue to use Google Chat despite being told not to, you can block access to the application by blacklisting the Google Chat domain names in your server's DNS lookup "Hosts" file, which will block access to chat while still allowing access to Gmail's email features.

Open the "Hosts" file on your network server by clicking the Start button, then "Computer" and then "Windows." Select the "System32" folder, followed by the "drivers" folder and then the "etc" folder. Right-click on "hosts" and choose "Open With." Select "Notepad."

Click the end of the last line in the text file, then press "Enter" to create a new line. Type "". Press "Ctrl-S" to save the changes. If your employees are using the Google Talk application to use Google Chat, add another line and type "". Create one more line, then type "". If your employees are using iGoogle or Orkut to chat, create a new line and type "". Press "Ctrl-S" to save the changes.

Close Notepad, then attempt to use Google Chat to ensure that the blocks are working correctly.


If you cannot open the hosts file, right-click on Notepad and select "Run as Administrator," then open the hosts file by clicking "File," then "Open" and navigating to the file using the window browser that opens.