How to Block Comments on Facebook Pictures

By Avery Martin

Facebook pages allow administrators to block comments and actions taken by users in a more granular way than with a regular Facebook Timeline. When running a business, you may not have the time to actively monitor what users say about the pictures on your page. If you want to keep your Facebook page clean and hide user comments before you approve them, options exist to make that possible. You can also opt to approve comments before they are posted. This provides you with control over any comments that appear on the page's pictures, but it requires you to manually approve other types of posts.

Setting Permissions

Go to your business page and click the "Edit Page" button. Select "Manage Permissions" while logged in as a page administrator.

Uncheck the "Everyone Can Post To Timeline" option to prevent all comments and posts.

Uncheck the "Everyone Can Add Photos and Videos to [pagename] Timeline" to prevent users from posting media.

Select the "Default Visibility of Posts By Others" drop-down menu and choose "Hidden From Page" to require approval before comments appear.

Uncheck the "People Can Tag Photos Posted" box to prevent people from tagging your photos.

Moderating Posts

Click "Edit Page" and select "Use Activity Log" from the drop-down menu.

Select the "Posts By Others" link in the sidebar.

Click the pencil icon next to every post and select "Allowed on Page" for any posts that you want to appear on your page. Leave the comments on photos as "Hidden From Page."