How to Be Invisible on Facebook Chat

By Aksana Nikolai

You can use Facebook as more than a way of staying connected to your friends. The next time you need to ask a colleague a question but do not want to interrupt him with a phone call, contact him on Facebook Chat. There may be times where you do not want to reply to coworkers’ Chat messages immediately. You can appear as “invisible,” or unavailable to chat, to all or some of your Facebook contacts without logging out of the site.

Click on the gear icon of the Facebook chat panel to open the “Options” menu.

Select “Go Offline” from the drop-down menu to appear invisible on chat to all your Facebook friends.

Select “Advanced Settings” from the drop-down menu if you want to be invisible to only certain friends. Type the names of friends or friend lists into the “Turn on Chat for All Your Friends Except” field to appear as unavailable to chat to the people you list. Alternatively, enter the names of friends or friend lists into the “Turn on Chat for Only Some Friends” field to appear as available to chat only to the people you list.

Click “Save” to confirm your selection.


Click the gear icon on an individual chat window and select “Turn Off Chat for [name]” to appear offline to that particular person.