How to Back Up Yahoo Emails

By Brandy Alexander

If you use Yahoo's email service for your business, backing up your email is essential so that you don't lose important contacts or other information. Saving your email is also important in the event you decide to close your Yahoo Mail account at some future date. Yahoo doesn't offer a clear way to do the backup, but you can use several workarounds that include dragging and dropping messages, forwarding Yahoo emails to another address or setting up POP mail retrieval. Whether you have a Yahoo Mail basic account or Mail Plus, use the option that best suits your needs.

Dragging and Dropping

Create a folder on your computer where you can store Yahoo messages. Right-click on your PC desktop, click "New," and then click "Folder" in the drop-down menu. On a Mac, click "File" on the Finder menu and then select "New Folder."

Launch your Yahoo email account and open a message you want to backup.

Select all of the content and then drag-and-drop the message into your folder. Repeat this process for each email that you want to save.

Forwarding Yahoo Messages to Another Address

Click on the "gear" icon or the "Options" link in your Yahoo email account.

Click the "POP and Forwarding" link, and then click the button next to "Forward Yahoo Mail to Another Email Address." Enter the email address to which you want your Yahoo messages forwarded.

Click the "Save" link to save your settings. A copy of your Yahoo emails will now be forwarded to the address you specified.

Setting Up POP Mail Retrieval

Log in to your Yahoo Mail Plus account, click on the "gear" icon or the "Options" link, and then click "Mail Options" from the drop-down menu. Click the button next to "Access Yahoo Mail Via POP" to activate this setting, and then click an option to specify whether you want to include spam messages or not. Click the "Save" link to finish setting up POP access so you can send Yahoo emails to another email client.

Launch an email client and set up Yahoo as a new account. Access Yahoo's "Receiving Email in Another Email Program" page to get detailed instructions for your specific program (link in Resources). For instance, using Mozilla Thunderbird, click "New" under the File menu, select "Mail Account" and enter the required information including your Yahoo Mail Plus email address and password.

Enter your server settings in the designated areas. Type "" in the Incoming Server Name text field, and enter "" in the Outgoing Server field. Type your Yahoo email address without the "" suffix in the Account Name or Login Name field. For instance, if your Yahoo email address is "," you would enter "youremail".

Configure your email client to save messages on the Yahoo server after they download. This way, you can still retrieve them from your Yahoo email account if necessary.