How to Attend an Event on Facebook

By Matt Koble

Facebook events bring event planning and organizing to the social media website. When you're invited to an event, you can RSVP, by joining or declining the invitation or by choosing "Maybe," if you're unsure. While Facebook pages can't receive event invitations, you can use your personal profile to represent your business and show your company's support for an event. Your reservation also lets the event's planner know to expect you at the event.

Click "Events" in the navigation pane on your Facebook page. This displays the "Events" page including all upcoming events to which you're invited and attending. The list also includes birthdays and suggested events that Facebook thinks you'll be interested in.

Click the "Invites" button to display events to which you've been invited. Click the "Join" button for an event to accept the invitation or click the event's title to go to a specific page for the event. This page displays all the information regarding the event, including who has already RSVP'd and who might go. You may want to visit this page before you RSVP to see all the details before you commit.

Click "Join" from the event's page if you didn't RSVP on the previous screen. Your upcoming events appear on your Facebook home page near the top right corner of the page. Visit the event's page again if you want to change your RSVP status.