How to Apply Downloaded Themes in Chrome

By Kevin Lee

Chrome themes add color and style to your browsing experience.
i BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

Google Chrome themes make it possible for people in your business to customize the way the menu bars, tabs and other areas in their browsers look. Choose a rustic mountain theme, for example, and your workday may whiz by faster as your browser’s menu bar reminds you of rustic mountain peaks while you navigate the Web. You don’t have to create themes because people have built them for you. You simply need to download one you like and install it in Google Chrome.

Launch Chrome and visit the Chrome Web Store (link in Resources).

Click "Themes" to view the themes that the store provides. Each theme has a name below a thumbnail image that shows how the theme looks.

Click "Choose Theme" when you find one you like and wait as Chrome downloads the theme and installs it. A message appears at the top of the browser reporting that Chrome has finished the installation. Your browser's style changes to match the theme you selected.


Move your mouse over a theme's thumbnail image to view details about the theme.

An Undo button appears briefly at the top of the browser after you install a theme. If you would like to remove the theme immediately, click that button. After the button disappears, you can still remove the theme by clicking the "Chrome" menu, selecting "Settings" and then clicking the "Reset to Default Theme" button in the Appearance section.

While viewing themes in the Chrome Web Store, you can view a larger image of a theme by clicking its thumbnail image before selecting "Choose Theme." Previewing a theme provides a good idea of how the theme will look once installed.

You also have the option to type a search term in the Chrome Web Store's Search box if you'd like to search for a particular theme or theme category.

Click the "Web Store" icon in the lower-right corner of the New Tab page whenever you’d like to visit the Chrome Web Store. The New Tab page appears whenever you open a new tab.


These instructions apply to Chrome Version 22.0.1229.94 m. Check your version's documentation to verify that these instructions work with that version.