How to Always Run iTunes as Administrator

By Ruri Ranbe

ITunes organizes videos, audio, podcasts and other media on a computer and allows you to share these files with other devices in your organization. Performing certain actions in iTunes, such as installing software updates and making iTunes Store purchases, brings up a prompt requesting administrative permission. To avoid these alerts, set up iTunes to run with elevated privileges automatically.

Sign in to Windows as an administrator. Press "Windows-X" and select "File Explorer," or press "Windows-E" to open the File Explorer.

Browse to C:\Program Files\iTunes on a 32-bit operating system or C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes on a 64-bit operating system.

Right-click "iTunes.exe" and select "Properties" from the context menu. Select the "Compatibility" tab.

Check "Run This Program as an Administrator" and then click "OK."


To apply these changes across multiple accounts instead of just your own, select "Change Settings for All Users" on the Compatibility tab and then check "Run This Program as an Administrator."