How to Alphabetize Bookmarks in Google Chrome

By Matt Skaggs

Bookmarks can make it easier to reach your commonly visited websites.
i Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

After working in your business for even a short time, you've probably identified a number of websites that you use frequently, whether they're for maintaining contact with customers or keeping up-to-date on your industry's news. In Chrome, you can identify these as "bookmarks," making them easy to revisit later on. Manually reorganizing your bookmarks can be time-consuming; if you simply want to alphabetize them, Chrome can do this for you automatically using its Bookmark Manager.

Open the Chrome Web browser if it's not open already.

Click the wrench icon to view Chrome's configuration options.

Hover your mouse icon over the "Bookmarks" setting to view the available options for bookmarks, then click "Bookmark Manager."

Click the folder with the bookmarks you want alphabetized.

Click the "Organize" drop-down menu above the list of bookmarks.

Click "Reorder by title." All your bookmarks in the selected folder will be automatically organized. You can alphabetize your bookmarks for each of your folders this way if you prefer.

Close the "Bookmark Manager" tab when you''ve finished organizing your bookmarks.


If you prefer to see all or some of your bookmarks in the bookmarks bar near the top of the window, you can turn this feature by clicking the wrench icon and selecting "Bookmarks" and then clicking "Always show bookmarks bar." You can drag and drop bookmarks in the bookmarks bar to organize them, or you can organize them in the Bookmark Manager.