How to Advertise a Gentlemen's Club

By Katie Jensen

Costumes are a standard selling point at a gentlemen's club.
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A gentlemen's club by any other name is a strip club, albeit an upscale strip club. Besides scantily clad women on the menu, some clubs offer a cigar room, a full dinner menu, and an assortment of expensive wines, champagnes and mixed drinks. The challenge with advertising a gentlemen's club is staying on this side of decency while portraying the assets of the dancers to the fullest advantage.


A website with photos can show off the club's amenities, such as the dining room, and conveys a sense of luxury and, of course, sensuousness. The dancers, waitresses and female bartenders are the focus of the club. They are the reason the gentlemen are willing to pay to belong. Post photos of the dancers in sexy outfits, but keep in mind that anyone can view the photos, so no nudity. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to post updates on what's going on at the club.

Hard-Copy Publications

While the general newspaper might not accept ads for a gentlemen's club, other publications might. Try weekly entertainment magazines, calendars of what's going on in the city and sports-oriented publications.

Search Engine Results

Take advantage of search engine advertising by paying for top placement when potential clients search for "gentlemen's club" or "strip club" and the name of your city. Newspapers often have an online site that offers an entertainment section. While the paper might not accept your ad for its hard copy, it probably will for its online entertainment section. Consider listing your club in appropriate online directories.

Events, Conventions and Meetings

Advertising at events that are dense with potential club customers, such as industry conventions and trade shows, increases visibility for the club. For example, expensive car shows, and racing and horse shows tend to attract well-heeled gentlemen. The girls of the club can do a live appearance at the show wearing provocative but appropriate clothing, perhaps a tight T-shirt and short shorts with the name of the club on both the front and back of the shirt. Offering photo opportunities with the dancers is another way to advertise the club.


While it might not be Miss America caliber, there are competitions for exotic dancers. Such contests include Exotic Dancer Entertainer of the Year, Golden G-String and Miss Pole Champ, to name a few. Entering your dancers in some of these competitions brings visibility to the club, and to the dancers. The winners bring prestige to the club, whether the dancers are still performing currently or not.