How to Address a Mass Customer Letter

By Kathryn Hatter

An effective customer letter should have a personal touch.
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When you want to reach a large number of customers effectively, a letter might be your best option. George Sheldon, author of “Sales & Pitch Letters for Busy People,” advises that business owners add as much personal and specific information as possible in their customer letters. Resist the urge to create impersonal form letters. You could be wasting your time and money on letters that customers won’t read. Instead, take the time to make sales letters personal. Use the mail merge function in your word processing program to address a mass customer letter.

Open your word processing program and click on the mail merge tool to begin the process. Select the type of document you wish to create – letters – and then click the “select recipients” button to enter a list of customers who will receive the letter.

Enter the contact information for each customer into the appropriate fields of the recipient list. Include the courtesy title, the first name, the last name, the street address, the city, the state, the zip code and the email address of each customer. When you finish entering the customer information, click “OK” and save your list on your hard drive.

Create the mass letter. Enter the date as the first line of the letter. Leave one blank line after the date.

Enter the address block command to enable the mail merge function to insert the name and address of each customer as an inside address of your letter. Click “address block” and preview the way the name and address of each customer will appear in the letter. Click “OK” to finish the address block command and leave one blank line after the inside address.

Insert the greeting line command to enable the mail merge function to insert a personalized greeting for each customer. Click “greeting line” and preview the salutation that will appear to each customer. Click “OK” and leave one blank line after the greeting line.

Enter the sales letter you want to send to customers. Find at least one point in the letter where you can add each customer’s name to personalize the letter. When you reach a point where you want to add the customer name, click the “insert merge field” button and select the value you want to add. If you only want to add each customer’s first name, click only “first name.” If you want to add both first and last names, click “first name” and then “last name.” If you want to add the customer email address as a personalized value at some point in the letter, click the “insert merge field” button again and select “email address.”

Close the letter with something formal such as “Sincerely.” Skip four lines and place your full name. Place your business name below your name.

Preview the letter by clicking the “Preview” button. You can preview a letter for each customer name you placed in your recipient list. Make any desired adjustments and then print each letter.


If you don’t have mail merge capabilities within your word processing software, you have two options. Either make a generic sales letter that does not include any personalized customer information, or hire a printing service to create personalized letters for you.