How to Add Wireless Phone Jacks for Fax Machines

By Dave Maddox

Wireless jacks use power lines to carry telephone signals.
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It's a simple problem with a simple, high-tech solution: There's no phone jack where your fax machine needs to go. Wireless phone jacks, both voice and data, and data-only, will handle the fax data signal by carrying it over the power lines to the actual wired telephone jack. Multiple jacks can operate in conjunction with a single main module plugged into the physical jack, in a way similar to regular wired jacks sharing a single line.

Plug the base unit into a telephone jack in the wall using a phone cord.

Plug the power adapter into both a wall power outlet and the base unit.

Plug the extension unit into a wall power outlet near the fax machine. Locate the base and extension units on the same power circuit, if possible.

Plug the fax machine, using a phone cord, into the extension unit. Some models may have a switch from data to voice, which should be adjusted for data use.

Items you will need

  • Base wireless jack

  • Power adapter

  • Remote wireless jack

  • 2 Phone cords


Connecting the devices to filtered, UPS or surge protected power supplies could reduce the effectiveness of the transmission through the power wires.

Wireless phone jacks only work with voice; fax and dial-up modems and are not for extending DSL or other data connections.

Avoid using other power line technologies in the same office, such as X10.