How to Add Text to Connector Lines in PowerPoint 2007

By James T Wood

Updated February 09, 2017

PowerPoint allows graphical explanations of data, going beyond plain text.
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Connector lines link two or more objects to show the relationship between them. Sometimes you might need to label the lines to make that relationship more clear in your PowerPoint presentation. With PowerPoint 2007 you can link up shapes, text boxes and images with connector lines. So, if you need to add text to a connector line just insert a text box and make it a part of the connections.

Draw the two objects that you want to connect. For example, click the "Insert" tab then click "Shape" and choose a rectangle. Click and drag on the slide to draw the shape. Repeat for the second shape.

Create a text box with your connector label. Click "Insert," and then "Text Box." Click and drag to draw the text box on the slide between the two shapes. Click inside the text box and type the label you want.

Click "Insert," and then "Shape" and choose one of the lines to be your connector. Click and hold the mouse over the first shape. You'll see red dots on the four sides of the shape. Choose the side closest to the text box. Drag the line to the bottom of the text box where another red dot will appear. Release the mouse. Repeat the process to draw a connector from the bottom of the text box to the second shape.


Click the text box and use the "Drawing Tools: Format" tab to put an outline around the text box that matches the connector lines and shapes on your slide.