How to Add Professional Licenses on LinkedIn

By Filonia LeChat

Whether you’re a solo practitioner seeking new clients or a small business in search of clients and employees, using the LinkedIn professional networking service can increase your visibility on the Web. Through the site you can build a virtual resume -- and you’ll want to fill out every piece of information to the max to show your potential to potential contacts. When you’ve succeeded in your efforts to earn a professional license, make sure it shows up on your profile. It will augment your virtual resume and may even show up in search aggregates.

Log into your LinkedIn account and hover the cursor over the “Profile” link on the main page. Click “Edit Profile.”

Scroll down to the Additional Information section and click the small blue “Edit” link.

Scroll to the “Groups and Associations” section. Click into the text field and type the professional certification or license. To add more than one, type a comma after each or press the “Enter” key for a line split.

Click the “Save Changes” button to add the professional license(s) to your LinkedIn profile and return to the profile view.


If you would rather the professional license show in the job listing in which you earned it or used it, you can add it by scrolling to the Experience section of your profile. Click the “Edit” link to the right of the job in which you earned or used the professional license. On the edit page, click into the “Description” box and type the professional license information. Don’t delete the job description you already have in there, simply append the new license information to the end.