How to Add More Than One Song on a PowerPoint

By Kirk Bennet

Audio is an important marketing tool and PowerPoint 2010 enables you to add songs to your presentations. You can add more than one song in your PowerPoint presentation and even insert all of your songs into a single slide to make sure you don't lose time looking for them during your presentation. You can showcase your music to potential investors or just play some pleasant background music during the presentation. Also, you can set the audio tracks to play automatically or hide them.

Open a presentation or create a new presentation.

Select the slide where you want to insert the songs from the left pane.

Click the "Insert" tab and then click the "Audio" button in the Media group to open the Insert Audio window.

Select the song that you want to add to your slide and click "Insert" to add it to the slide.

Click and drag the song to reposition it on the slide.

Click the "Playback" tab and select "Automatically" in the Start box to play the song automatically when you get to its slide, or select "Play across slides" to play the song from the beginning to the end of your presentation. If you select the "Loop until Stopped," the song will loop until you stop it. The "Hide During Show" option enables you to play a song in the background and not display it on your slides.

Click the "Insert" tab and click the "Audio" button again. Select the second song and click "Insert" to add it to the same slide. To add a song to another slide, first select the second slide from the left pane and then insert the song.

Add as many songs as you need, to any of the slides in your presentation, and then press "Ctrl-S" to save the presentation.