How to Add Facebook Contacts in a Phone Book on Android

By Carolyn Luck

Transform your Android device into a digital Rolodex.
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Facebook for Android is a mobile application that enables you to maintain contact with new and existing customers, business partners and vendors on the go using your Android device. You have the option to sync Facebook data, such as friends’ contact information, to the device. As friends update their Facebook data, your Android will be updated as well to reflect the most current information, making it easier to share current promotions and product information.

Download and install the Facebook for Android application, which is available in your device’s app store or from the Facebook Mobile website (link in Resources). Log in to your Facebook account from your device.

Select your preferred sync option from the list that appears on the next page. Sync data from all friends to add all Facebook contacts to your phone book; sync data from existing contacts to update the details for existing phone book contacts. If you select the “Don’t Sync” option, no Facebook contacts will be added to your device's phone book.

Open your Android's phone book or contact list to access all synced data. This data may include profile pictures, email addresses and mobile phone numbers for any contacts whose privacy settings allow it.


Logging out of Facebook from your Android device may result in the removal of all synced data from your phone, including any contacts in your phone book.