How to Add Evernote to a Printer

By Amy Scott

Print from Evernote using the Print icon.
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Evernote is a online service as well as a downloadable application designed to allow you to clip, create, organize and save "notes" to your account. This can be handy for the businessman who may not have time to check certain websites or bits of information as they come in, and he can use Evernote to store the data until he has time to review the data. Evernote also allows users the ability to print out notes, so they have a hard copy of the information if needed. You can add an Evernote note to your printer queue to be printed by clicking on the print icon in the note viewing interface.

Open the Evernote application on your computer or go to the Evernote website in your Web browser. Sign in to your account using your username and password to access your notebooks of notes.

Scroll through the list of your notebooks in the column on the left until you see the note you want to add to your printer's queue. Click on the name of the note to open it in the note viewer pane to the right.

Click on the "Print" icon above the note to open your computer's native Print window in Evernote Web. In the application version, click on "File" in the application menu at the top of the window and click on the "Print" option to open the Print window. Select your printer's name from the drop-down menu at the top and adjust your print preferences to your desired values. Click the "Print" button to add the note to your printer's queue. The note will print when the printer is ready.