How to Add an SRT File in Windows Media Player

by Jayme Richards ; Updated February 09, 2017

Windows Media Player is a great tool to watch videos on your computer desktop. It is able to play a wide variety of media files. But what about videos with subtitles? If the file you are watching has built-in subtitles, Windows Media Player will recognize it automatically. However, if your video has a separate subtitle file (called SRT), you will have to install a codec that allows Windows Media Player to recognize the SRT file.

Visit (see References) to download the "DirectVobSub" codec that allows Windows Media Player to recognize subtitle (SRT) files. Click "Download" and you will be directed to a page that allows you to choose your computer's operating system. Click on the download link that corresponds with the version of Windows you are running.

Save the file to your desktop; it will only take a few moments to download. When the download is complete, go to the installation icon that was created on your desktop. It is named "vsfilter.2.39_nt." Double-click to open the installation file and press "Run." You will be asked to select a folder in which to save the codec. Keep the default location "program files" unless you wish to store the codec in a different folder. Once you have saved the codec, it installs and takes effect immediately.

Find the video file you wish to view, as well as the SRT file that corresponds to it. They should be located in the same folder. If they are not, move them together. In order for Windows Media Player to recognize the SRT file, it must be named exactly the same as the video file. The only thing that will be different is the file tag. For example, the video would be titled "movie.avi." The subtitle file would be titled ""

Open Windows Media Player and highlight "Play" on the top toolbar. Scroll down to the "Caption and Subtitles" tab. Select "On if Available." When you play your video in Windows Media Player, subtitles will now be visible.

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