How to Add an Employee to a LinkedIn Company

By Melly Parker

Your company page on LinkedIn can list a group of employees; in addition, your company name is displayed on your employees' LinkedIn profiles. Although a company page may show past and current employees, only current employees will show up on the landing page. Employees can be associated with your company through their own LinkedIn profiles. Encourage your employees to list themselves with your company to broaden your contacts and increase your online visibility.

Ask your employees to log in to their LinkedIn accounts and perform the following steps.

Choose "Edit Profile" from the Profile menu.

Click "Edit" next to the position at the company.

Click "Change Company" and type in the name of your company.

Select the correct listing from the drop-down menu and then choose "Update." The employee is added to your company's LinkedIn page.


If a LinkedIn user is erroneously listed as an employee on your company page, you can contact LinkedIn and ask to have that person removed.