How to Add a Wireless Printer to SonicWALL

By Richard Bashara

You need your printer's MAC address to configure an access point in SonicWALL.
i Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images

SonicWALL is a popular enterprise firewall system that helps keep offices safe from viruses and other objectionable content. A side effect of this security is that devices on the same zone are not normally configured to interact with one another. This could be a prevention mechanism meant to slow the spread of viruses on a network, but for wireless printing it can be a hangup. If you want employees to be able to send documents to a wireless printer, you will need to create an access rule in your SonicWALL that allows employees to print documents wirelessly through your network.

Write down the MAC address for your wireless printer. The MAC Address for your printer is usually located on a bar-coded sticker underneath or on the side of your device. You may also consult your owner’s manual for more information.

Visit the IP address for your SonicWALL network from a Web browser.

Click “Network” followed by “Address Objects.”

Click the “Add” button.

Select “Network” and enter the IP and MAC addresses for your device.

Select the Zone your work network is located on, then choose “WLAN”. Click “Add” when you are finished to save the device.

Return to the main menu of your SonicWALL application. Click “Firewall” followed by “Access Rules”. Select “Matrix” for the view style, then click “WLAN to WLAN”.

Configure your printer’s access to SonicWALL. Click the “Add” button and change the following: Configure the To and From zones to WLAN, label your service “Custom Port for Printing”, change the destination to “Printer”, set the schedule for “Always On” and leave any comments you feel are necessary.

Click “OK” to add a rule that will allow devices on your network to access a wireless printer.