How to Add a Chart to Another Chart in Excel

By Chris Daniels

Keep all your data on the same presentation slide rather than flipping back and forth.
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It is easier to compare your business's data when you plot it on the same set of axes in Microsoft Excel. Doing so allows you to spot where time series cross, the relationships between different sets of data and minor differences much easier than comparing two or more separate Excel charts. Excel provides a host of plotting functions, including one that pairs multiple sets of data on a single chart, combining several into one.

Open Microsoft Excel and load a spreadsheet containing the data sources of the two or more charts you wish to join.

Select one of the charts.

Open the "Charts" menu and select the "Source Data" option.

Click on the "Data Range" tab, and then select the entire contents of the "Data range" text box. If you do not select the entire range, you may end up duplicating data.

Click back on the worksheet and select all of the data rows or columns you wish to combine on a single chart, including the label row if you want data labels to be included on the chart. Hold the "Shift" key and click data columns or rows to select a range of adjacent cells; hold the "Ctrl" key and click to select non-adjacent rows.

Click back on the window with the open Data Range tab, and then click "OK" to update the source data for your chart and render multiple data sets on a single chart.


Information in this article applies to Microsoft Excel 2003 through 2010. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.