How to Access the USB Drive on a Dell Dimension PC

By Phil Hoops

Quickly access the USB drive on your Dell Dimension PC.
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Dell Dimension desktop computers are entry-level personal computers manufactured by Dell. Most models, such as the Dimension 4700, feature an optical drive as well as various USB ports. You may connect external USB drives and flash drives to these ports to expand your system's storage. Accessing your USB drive from the Dell Dimension system is simple and you can begin using the drive within a matter of seconds.

How to Access the USB Drive on a Dell Dimension PC

Connect your USB Drive to an available USB port on the Dell Dimension computer. Depending on your configuration, there should be an easily accessible port on the front of the computer.

Wait for your Dell computer to recognize the USB drive and install any necessary drivers if you are prompted. On the lower left portion of the screen, click the Windows "Start" button. Click on "My Computer" or "Computer." A list of drives connected to your computer will appear.

Double-click on the drive letter next to the name of your USB device. For instance, if you are connecting a Toshiba hard drive, the drive's name would be "Toshiba." It make also be labeled as "Removable Drive" or "External Drive." The contents of the drive will appear on the screen.

Items you will need

  • Dell Dimension PC Computer

  • USB Drive, such as Thumb Drive, External Hard Drive