How to Access an Outlook Express Email Account

By Jeremiah Blanchard

Updated February 09, 2017

If set up properly, you can access Outlook Express email from anywhere.
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Microsoft Outlook Express is an email service that allows users to store their email data to their own personal hard disk. Email access is restricted to one computer only using the Outlook Express basic service. Some software programs can be used that contain applications that will allow you to access your email from another computer. The easiest way to access your Outlook Express email is to set up a web-based email account and link your Outlook Express mailbox to it. This way you can access your personal email from any computer at any location.

Go to a web-based email account website such as and create an account.

Set up the account to allow you to use Outlook Express by selecting your email server type as HTTP in your Outlook Express user settings. Create a username and password.

Log into the web-based email website.

Open your Outlook Express email inbox from your web-based email account.


You can download software from websites to use to access your Outlook Express account such as or (see Resources).