How to Access a Gmail Account

By Aksana Nikolai

More and more companies are choosing to conduct the majority of their business correspondence via email. Gmail is a Web-based email client available from Google. In addition to its email management capabilities, Gmail includes text, voice and video chat features. Accessing your Gmail account requires just two quick steps. If you use Gmail many times throughout the workday, you can save your log-in credentials so that you don’t have to re-enter them each time you want to access Gmail.

Navigate to the Gmail website (see Resources).

Enter your Gmail username and password into the corresponding fields.

Click “Sign In” to access your account.


Selecting the “Stay Signed In” check box eliminates the need to re-enter your username and password whenever you open Gmail.


Selecting the "Stay Signed In" option may compromise the security of your email if you check it from a computer to which others have access.