How Does the Facebook Like or Recommend Feature Work?

By Naomi Bolton

Facebook enables users to share content -- located both on and off the social networking site -- with other users. This is useful when promoting a business, as the content that you post on your business page can be shared by people who view your page. Adding a Facebook "Like" or "Recommend" button to your blog or website also serves as a way to connect with fans. Both the Like and Recommend features work in the same fashion. When you click one of them while logged in as your business page, a post appears in the news feed of the page and a link to the page appears in the page's "Likes" section.

Shows Approval Of Posts

Not everyone has the time to comment on every post made by your Facebook business page but the "Like" link that appears with each post and comment allows viewers to show approval. The amount of Likes that your posts generate is a good indication of how popular and relevant the information is to fans of your page. If fans disagree with posts you make, they will often voice their opinion with comments, but those who agree are more inclined to simply click the "Like" button. This feedback enables you to keep posting content that aligns with what your fans like, increasing the popularity of your business or brand.

Share Content With Facebook Friends

When people click the "Like" or "Recommend" button, it is reflected on their news feeds. Depending on privacy settings, this action is visible to other people on their friends lists. This enables you to reach a far wider audience with your Facebook business page than what might have otherwise been possible. While there are no feedback links below a story about friends liking a page, you are able to hover your mouse cursor over the page name to see a preview. From here you can like the page as well as see how many other people like the page.

Connect Your Website or Blog With Facebook

By adding a "Like" or "Recommend" button to your business website or blog, visitors are able to share the content with Facebook even if your business does not have a Facebook Page. While the "Like" or "Recommend" feature is often used interchangeably, "Like" is for positive posts while "Recommend" is more suitable for interesting yet controversial stories where the word "Like" might be seen as inappropriate. The code to add the Facebook Like or Recommend buttons is provided by Facebook, but visitors to your website must be logged in to Facebook to make use of it.

Gives Permission to Post to Facebook News Feed

When a Facebook user likes your Facebook page, she gives you permission to publish information directly to her news feed. This is done by using Facebook as your business page and then using the Status Update feature to post information. Since the information is displayed on the news feeds and in the Pages feeds of those who liked your page, it is important not to misuse this feature. If you spam their news feed, users are able to "Unlike" your page to prevent this from happening. Post content that is relevant to the type of business page that you are using on Facebook.