How Does One Do a Wanted Ad on Craigslist?

By Christina Ash

Advertise for a new office location on Craigslist.
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Craigslist is not just an online resource for buying or trading good and services -- you can also post wanted ads. Whether you're seeking new office space, new equipment for your business or even another job, Craigslist provides an excellent opportunity to target your ad to any field or type of business. Although the process for posting "for sale" and "wanted" ads is similar, some differences exist regarding the posting's contents.

Compose your wanted ad. In the description, be clear about what you're looking for. If you have a budget, include the amount you're willing to spend. Mention here if you have specific needs, for example a non-smoking office or a particular version of a video game.

Navigate to Craigslist (link in Resources).

Check that the location is the geographic area in which you want to post your ad. If not, select the location, choosing first the country, then state, then city. The location name will change.

Click on "post to classified" to launch the "type of posting" screen.

Choose the type of posting, either "resume/job wanted," "housing wanted" or "item wanted." If housing, define the specific type of housing you want. In some cities, you may be asked for your chosen neighborhood.

Create your post by entering all the details, including the title, a reply email and a description of what you're looking for. Optional fields may include rent and square footage for housing, price and location for items, and location for a job wanted.

Click "Continue" when the ad is complete. For housing and items, you can upload images. Click "Browse" to navigate to and upload one or more images, then click "Done with Images."

Review your ad. To make changes, click "Edit text," and click on "Edit Images" to remove an image. When you're satisfied, click "Continue." A confirmation email will be sent to you.

Open the email from Craigslist, then click on the confirmation link. Your ad will soon appear on Craigslist.


Include a photo or image only if it's exactly what you're looking for.


Entering the optional fields of price and location may rule out some responses that are outside your parameters but that you would consider.