How Do You Identify What Sound Chip Is on Your Computer?

By Jeff Grundy

Whenever you purchase a new computer, the system usually ships with a driver disc that contains all of the hardware drivers needed for components inside the PC. Likewise, if you purchase a new motherboard or sound card to upgrade your computer, the package should include any needed drivers. If you no longer have the driver installation disc and need to reinstall the sound card or chip, the manufacture website may have the software you need. However, before you can reinstall drivers for your sound chip, you must identify the manufacturer and model of the device.

Press the "Windows+I" keys to open the Settings charm. Click the "Control Panel" link.

Click "System and Security" in the Control Panel window, and then click "Administrative Tools." Click the "System Information" icon.

Click the "+" symbol next to the "Components" header in the System Summary pane.

Click the "Sound Device" value and wait a few seconds for Windows to retrieve the information for your sound card or chip. After a few seconds, the manufacturer and model of your sound card or chip displays in the right pane of the System Information window.


The System Information window also displays the status of your sound device underneath the manufacturer and model information. If the status reads "OK," you should be able to use the device to produce sound in Windows applications. If the status reads "OK," but you cannot hear sound from your computer, check the speakers and the volume control in Windows to ensure that the "Mute" function is not active. If the status reads "Unavailable" or "Not Working," you must reinstall the driver before you can use the sound card or chip to produce audio.