How Do Prints Work on DeviantArt?

By Jack Gerard

DeviantArt allows you to sell prints of your work to online customers.
i IT Stock Free/Polka Dot/Getty Images

DeviantArt provides a platform for professional artists to display their work for others to enjoy. One advantage of using DeviantArt over some other portfolio websites is that it allows you to monetize your work and offer prints without having to stock and ship them yourself. Understanding how the prints program works can help you to decide whether or not it is worth it to sell prints of your work through the site.

DeviantArt Prints

When you set up a piece of artwork to offer it as a print, a link appears in the sidebar of the DeviantArt page for the work that takes visitors to the print order form. Depending on the options you chose when setting up the print offering, visitors may also be able to order magnets, puzzles, coffee mugs or other merchandise with your work printed on it, in addition to ordering prints or postcards. You have the option to change the print offerings at any time and can upload higher-resolution versions of your artwork to make larger prints as well.

Eligible Works

Not all works that you can host on DeviantArt are eligible for the print program. Only pieces in the "Digital Art," "Traditional Art," "Photography," "Wallpapers" and "Literature" categories qualify for the program; other works are not eligible for inclusion. Additionally, you must own all rights for pieces you submit to the print program and must be the sole creator of the work. Collaborations and works that utilize a portion of pieces owned by someone else are not eligible.

Pricing and Payments

The price of prints and merchandise sold through the DeviantArt prints program is based on a combination of DeviantArt's base price for the merchandise and your royalty percentage. By default, the royalty is 20 percent of the base price, though members with a premium membership can adjust this to receive a higher or lower royalty. Once you have accumulated at least $20 worth of royalties in your DeviantArt account, you can convert the amount to DeviantArt points, withdraw the money via PayPal or request a check. If requesting payment by check, it may take four to six weeks for the check to arrive.

Creating New Prints

There are two options available when you want to make a piece available as a print: you can select the "Create a Print" option from the Submit menu in the DeviantArt toolbar or you can click the "Print Not Enabled" link in the sidebar of the work you want to make into a print. After selecting the options you want to offer and submitting the print, DeviantArt reviews your submission to make sure that the image is of appropriate quality and meets the requirements of the print program before making your print available.

Managing Prints

You have the option of modifying print options or removing works from the print program at any time. The "Manage Prints" option in the Submit menu provides you with options to make changes to your print products, remove prints from the DeviantArt store and view the status of submitted prints. Premium members have access to additional commerce tools to help promote their work and add print options that are not available to standard members.