How Do I Send a Fax From Australia to America?

By Lynn Burbeck

Updated February 09, 2017

Sending an international fax from Australia to America requires some extra phone digits.
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Sending international faxes is not difficult, but it does require that individuals follow a specific procedure so the fax gets to its intended destination. When sending a fax from Australia, not only do senders need to enter the code to signify that the fax is being sent to an international number, but they also need to enter the country code and area code of the recipient in America.

Make sure that the fax machine you are using is set up for international faxing. While all fax machines are equipped to send faxes internationally, international faxing and telephone calls must be part of the telephone plan that supports that fax machine. If not, you will need to locate a business services company such as FedEx or UPS to send the fax for you. A fee will apply for this service.

Dial "0015" on the fax machine, which is the international dialing number in Australia for outgoing international faxes.

Dial "01," the international country code for America, followed by the 10-digit phone number of the fax recipient. If you only have the seven-digit local fax number, you'll need to get the regional area code. You can look up the area code on the Internet by searching for "U.S. area codes," or by contacting the local phone company. A small fee may apply for the latter.