How Do I Scan Something on My HP Deskjet F380?

By William Pullman

The HP Deskjet F380 all-in-one printer enables businesses to scan documents and pictures for digital record keeping. HP designed the Deskjet F380 to work with or without the supplied HP Solution Center software. With HP Solution Center, users have more control over the scanner's settings. When not using HP Solution Center, users have the option of creating scans using the Paint or Windows Fax and Scan applications supplied with Windows 8.

HP Solution Center Installed

Open the scanner lid, place the document or picture face down on the scanner glass and close the lid. If you are scanning multiple documents, place them in the automatic document feeder face up, with the top of the documents entering the tray first. Do not place pictures in the automatic document feeder.

Double-click the "HP Solution Center" icon on the desktop and click "Scan Document" or "Scan Picture," depending on what you're scanning. A list of scan shortcuts, which are different scanning options such as "Picture to File" and "Document to Searchable PDF," appears.

Click the scan shortcut that you want to use. The default scan settings for that shortcut appear.

Adjust the basic scan settings, such as choosing a color or black and white scan, by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the setting and clicking the option you prefer.

Click "Advanced Picture Settings" or "Advanced Document Settings" to make further adjustments to the scan settings, such as resolution and speed settings adjustments, and select the options you want to use for the scan. In addition, clicking "Save to File Save Options" enables you to select where the file is stored, the name of the scanned file, and whether or not the file is opened once the scan is completed.

Click "Scan" to scan the document or picture.

Click the "+" button when the scan is complete to scan additional documents or pictures into the file, the "x" button to delete the scan, or "Finish" to save the file.

HP Solution Center Not Installed

Place the document or picture on the scanner glass and close the scanner lid, or load multiple documents into the automatic document feeder.

Right-click the lower left corner of the screen and select "Search" from the menu.

Click "Apps" and type "Paint" or "Windows Fax and Scan" in the search box. Click the "Paint" or "Windows Fax and Scan" application when it appears in the search results.

Click "File" and then "From Scanner or Camera," if you you're using the Paint application. Select "HP Deskjet F380" and then click "Scan" to scan the document or picture.

Click "New Scan" and then "Scan" if you're using Windows Fax and Scan to scan the document or picture.


Information in this article applies to Windows 8. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.