How Do I Print Photos With Labels in Microsoft Office?

By Steve McDonnell

Place a graphic on the mailing label to draw attention to the letter.
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To make your mailing stand out, you can add a picture to the mailing labels you design and print in Microsoft Office. For example, you might print your company logo or a graphic related to the purpose of the mailing. Create a mail merge document in Word, design your labels, add a picture to the labels and align the picture and text. The recipient list can be taken from an Excel spreadsheet, Access database, Outlook contact list or a list that you manually enter.

Launch Word. Select "Mailings," "Start Mail Merge" and choose "Labels."

Select the correct Avery or Avery-equivalent label size and layout from the list of choices.

Choose "Select Recipients" and "Use Existing List" if you have a recipient list in Excel or Access. Choose "Select from Outlook Contacts" if you want to use your Outlook contact list. Choose "Type a New List in Word" if you want to enter the recipients and their addresses manually in the template provided and save it as an Access database.

Select "Edit Recipient List" if you want to include only a subset of the individuals in your list. Review the list and check the box next to the people for whom you want to print a label.

Click the first label and place the mouse cursor where you want the address block to appear. Select "Address Block" and choose how you want the name formatted on the label.

Select "Insert" and "Picture" from the menu to insert a photo on the first label. Navigate to the folder where the picture is stored, highlight it and choose "Open."

Click the "Layout Options" button and either "Square" or "Tight" to format the text around the photo. Select "Update Labels" to copy the mail merge template from the first label to the other labels on the sheet.

Select "Preview Results" to ensure the labels appear correctly. Choose "Finish" and "Merge" to complete the merge, and then click "Print Documents."

Print a single page to test the alignment by changing the Print Records selection to "From 1 To 1" and selecting "OK." Choose "Print Documents" again and print all the labels when the test page prints successfully.

Choose "File," Save As...," navigate to a folder, type a filename and save the template on disk so you can use it again.