How Do I Install a Canon Printer Without a CD?

By Andrew McClain

You might need to reinstall your Canon printer software because you are in a new office, you had a problem with the drivers or you have a new computer. Whatever the reason, if you do not have the CD that contains the printer software, you are not out of luck. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can download the necessary drivers and software directly from Canon's website.

Open your Web browser and go to Canon's printer support site (link in Resources).

Type your printer model or select it using the Browse by Product Type section.

Click on the "Drivers & Software" link for your printer to go to your printer's download page.

Choose your operating system from the "Select Operating System" drop-down list, and then select your OS from the "Select OS Version" drop-down list.

Click on "Drivers" to expand the list of printer drivers. Click on a driver, and then click the "I Agree -- Begin Download" button after reading the agreement. A File Explorer window will open. Browse to where you want to save your software and click "Save." Your driver software will begin to download.

Click on "Software" to expand the list of software for your printer. Click on the program you want to download, read the disclaimer and click "I Agree -- Begin Download" to open a File Explorer window. Select where you want to save the downloaded file and click "Save."

Browse to where you downloaded the files on your PC and double-click on the software file. Follow the installation steps that appear on the screen.

Double-click on the driver file to install it.

Plug your printer into your computer's USB port and turn it on. Your printer will be installed.