How Do I Get into the BIOS in PowerSpec?

By Clifton Watson

Updated February 09, 2017

PowerSpec computers, as do all personal computers, have a motherboard inside that provides power and support to every piece of hardware that makes up the entire machine. When your computer is first turned on, a small chip on the motherboard that houses a small piece of software called the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) fires up before anything else and directs the startup processes for the rest of the computer. By entering the BIOS settings, you can alter these startup procedures and control the power flow to certain components or stop them from starting up entirely. The BIOS settings are only recommended for advanced users, as an improper change can stop your computer from starting up.

Shut Down

Shut down your computer completely. Do not make it hibernate or reset. You need a fresh startup to enter the BIOS settings.

Waiting Period

Wait about 10 or 15 seconds after shutdown to allow the computer to become completely dormant.


Turn the computer back on and immediately begin pressing the "Delete" button on your keyboard at regular intervals (every two seconds). Eventually the BIOS settings appear. The display will look monochromatic and antiquated when compared to a modern Windows display. This is typical of the BIOS setup screen.

Using the BIOS Menu

Press the arrow keys to move around the BIOS menu and press "Enter" to select options once they are highlighted. Don't make random changes to the BIOS, as an improper setup can render your computer effectively useless.