How do I Determine an HP Printer Administrator Code?

By Andrew McClain

The printer administrator code helps you maintain security for network printers.
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When you set up an HP printer as a network printer, you should consider if you want to set up security for the printer. To do so, you need to set or at least identify, the administrator code for the printer, also known as the printer password. You can change the password on the embedded Web server (EWS) set up for network printers, which you can access from a Web browser or through Windows Explorer.

Type your printer's IP address in the address bar of your browser. To find your printer's IP address, consult your printer's manual. Typically, there is a "Network Settings" option in the printer menu that you can use to find the IP address. You can also browse to the printer in Windows Explorer, right-click on the printer and select "Network Settings (EWS)."

Click on the "Settings page" tab, and then click "Security" to open the Security page.

Type your "Password," if you have set one already. If not, leave the field blank. Click "OK" to go to the next page.

Check the "Password" field to view the password. If this is the first time you are accessing the system, then there is no password. Type a new password and click "OK" to set it. You now have the administrator code for the printer.


These instructions were written for standard HP network printers. Different printer models may have different steps.