How Do I Change My Headset Audio From Mono to Stereo Using Windows Vista?

By Ken Burnside

The Control Panel sound widget lets you configure your headset and other audio devices.
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Hardware configuration is largely automatic in Windows, but not always. Microsoft Windows Vista will sometimes be preconfigured for mono sound, rather than breaking the audio to your headset into two channels, left and right. The configuration is changed through Control Panel.

Click on the "Start" menu and select "Control Panel."

Double-click on the "Sound" icon to bring up its dialog box. Select the "Playback" tab if it's not already chosen.

Select your headphones. Click the "Configure" button, which pulls up the Speaker Setup dialog box. Click "Stereo" from the "Audio Channels" menu.

Put on your headphones, and click the "L" and "R" speaker icons. Make sure that the sound is coming to the appropriate ear.

Click "OK" to save the changes.


The Control Panel's Sound section works identically in Windows 7 and Windows 8.