How Co Host an Event on Facebook

By Ryan Menezes

Adding hosts increases your Facebook event's reach.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When you create an event using your Facebook business page, you edit the page, notify attendees and invite customers and clients to your business page. If you want to perform any of these actions using your personal profile, you must designate yourself as a co-host of the event. For example, you can co-host the event to invite your personal contacts who are not fans of your business page. As co-host, you can also edit the event with your own name, adding a human face to the event.

Log in to Facebook using your personal account.

Click your business page’s name in the Facebook homepage’s sidebar.

Click the event’s name on the business page timeline to open it.

Click “Join” to add the event to your personal list.

Click the gear icon on the event page to open a drop-down menu.

Click "Edit Hosts" to open the Edit Hosts dialog box.

Type the first letters of your name in the box labeled "Hosts" to open a drop-down list of names.

Click your name in the list and click "Submit" to add yourself as a co-host.


If you do not have administrative privileges over your page, you must ask someone who does to add you as a co-host.