How Can I Post the Same Ad Under a New Date on Craigslist?

By C. Taylor

Craigslist allows you to renew your ad multiple times.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Craigslist enables you to renew an ad after 48 hours of having posted or renewed it. When you renew the ad, it moves to the top of the page on the current date. You can repeat this action every 48 hours until the ad expires 30 days from the original posting date. If you used a Craigslist account to post the ad, you can repost the ad after 30 days, which creates a copy of the original ad and lists it under the current date.

Renewing with a Craigslist Account

Log in to your Craigslist account to see a list of your current and past posts.

Click "Renew" next to an active post to immediately renew the post. Alternatively, click "Repost" next to a deleted or expired post to edit and repost the ad.

Click "Continue," "Continue" again, "Done With Images" and then "Publish" to repost the same ad without editing it. If your images do not appear, you will need to upload them again before clicking "Done With Images," using the same method your used originally.

Renewing without an Account

Enter your email address in the "Resent Craigslist Posting..." page (link in Resources) to have Craigslist resend the original publication email for your ads. If you still have the original email, skip this step.

Log in to your email account, locate the email from Craigslist and click the publication link.

Click "Renew" to move the ad to the current date.