How to Clear Old Matrix Entries on TI-83

by Baptist JohnsonUpdated January 09, 2018

The TI-83 is a graphing calculator manufactured by Texas Instruments. In addition to calculating basic functions of mathematics, such as addition and multiplication, the TI-83 can also graph equations and inequalities, compute sequences, test mathematical functions and calculate matrices. To solve matrix problems, you have to input your matrix values. When you are finished, you may want to clear old matrix entries to input new matrix values.

Press the key labeled “2nd” on your keyboard, then press “Mem.”

Scroll down to Option 2 using the down directional key and press “Enter” to select memory management mode.

Scroll down to Option 5 using the down directional key and press “Enter” to select matrix mode.

Select the matrix you would like to delete and press the key labeled “Del.”

Press “2nd” and “Quit” to return to the home screen.


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