How to Troubleshoot Bogen Paging

By Nina Nixon

Updated January 09, 2018

The VOX SENSitivity (VOX SENS) and the "PEAK LEVEL" feature settings can solve many problems that occur with your Bogen paging amplifier system. If the VOX SENS control is not set correctly, line noise will cause background music to be muted even when no one is paging. When the "PEAK LEVEL" LED stays on continually, one or more volume inputs must be lowered. You will likely save time in troubleshooting by first inspecting the settings of both controls.

Turn the VOX SENS control 360 clockwise. It is located on the front left side of the amplifier in the control panel's middle section.

Perform a test page broadcast. Speak in a low tone and at the same time turn the VOX SENS control counterclockwise until you hear the words come over the system without any choppiness or incompleteness in sounds.

Turn the VOX SENS control clockwise if you do not hear any background music although a page is not taking place. Stop turning the control when you begin to hear background music.

Check the Indicator LED "PEAK LEVEL" setting if it stays on. It should only flash occasionally at the input signal's loudest peaks. Turn the "MUSIC VOLUME," "MIC VOLUME," and "TEL VOLUME" counterclockwise to lower the "PEAK LEVEL." These controls are located on the front left side of the amplifier in the control panel's lower section.


Move the microphone if it is placed close to any paging loudspeaker to help eliminate interference and voice output distortion.


When applying these steps, be careful not to turn the VOX SENS control fully counterclockwise, as this setting will cancel muting the music automatically muting in the background during a page.

The product could overheat if its openings and ventilation slots are covered or if it is housed in an improperly ventilated cabinet.