How to Troubleshoot a Krones Labeler

By Alex Lubyansky

Updated January 09, 2018

Krones labelers do not represent your typical hand-held labeling devices. Rather, these massive devices help major companies label large quantities of products. For example, a beer company would use a Krones labeler to place a label on the thousands of bottles they produce on a daily basis. Because of this, you cannot simply troubleshoot a Krones labeler. You need to obtain certification through a training course in order to do so.

Visit the Krones website (see Resources). Go to the “Academy” section.

Find a course of your liking. Krones’s courses last two days and teach a plethora of operational procedures for their high-tech labelers. All of the courses deal with basic troubleshooting. A course can cost anywhere from $950 to $1,190 as of March 2011. You can find courses in both English and Spanish. Contact Krones to sign up for the course. They will give you concrete instructions.

Arrive for the course. Take careful notes and retain all information you possibly can. You will now have the ability to troubleshoot your Krones labeler.