How to Set Up a Webinar

By Michelle Norton

Updated January 09, 2018

A webinar is a Web-based seminar which allows attendees to watch a live feed from their own computers via the Internet. A successful webinar is planned at least two months in advance to allow plenty of time for the producers to practice. Setting up a webinar requires use of a webinar software package that allows participants to log into the site to receive the live feed. Most packages support Microsoft PowerPoint files to feed the information for the webinar over the Internet.

Items you will need

  • Microphone

  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

  • Internet access

Choose a webinar software package. Some companies are listed in the resources below. Good packages include a trial offer, flat rates, ability to practice the webinar and are easy to use. Most webinar software is used through a Web browser on the Internet. Check to make sure your particular browser is supported by the webinar software.

Create the webinar by uploading the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and giving it a name, description, date and time. The webinar provider will provide a URL for participants to register.

Send out "Save the Date" invitations via email. Include the URL for registration. Some webinar companies allow you to set up reminders that will be sent to you and the participants at different intervals before the webinar date.

Practice your webinar by using the practice setting on the webinar website. This will allow you to practice your speech while using the microphone and webinar software before the actual webinar occurs.