How to Remove a Wrinkle From Portable Projection Screens

By Abby Vaun

Updated January 09, 2018

Portable projection screens are used in many training facilities by businesses and schools. A smooth screen is vital for optimum viewing by everyone in the audience. Repacking and unpacking a screen multiple times makes it vulnerable to creases and wrinkles. Careful repacking can cut down on wrinkles but more severe wrinkles are sometimes unavoidable. Because most portable projection screens are made of vinyl, removing these wrinkles is possible with heat.

Unroll the screen and mount it in the frame, if applicable.

Place the screen in direct sunlight. The heat softens the screen fabric.

Rub the backside of the screen to smooth out any remaining wrinkles.


For some screens, you can add weight to the bottom of the screen with a pipe to pull out wrinkles. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to find out the maximum amount of weight you can use without damaging the screen.

If the screen has been stored in cold temperatures, allow it to warm up to room temperature before unrolling it.


Never use a heat gun or hairdryer on the screen. It can damage the vinyl.