How to Make a Bi-Weekly Calendar

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Updated January 09, 2018

Make a bi-weekly calendar to see your schedule at a glance.
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When you're running a small business, you may find that to be completely organized you need to create a bi-weekly calendar that coincides with pay periods and accounting methodology. A bi-weekly calendar is one that lists two weeks at a time for scheduling purposes. This allows you to look at your entire schedule for two weeks with one quick glance.

Items you will need

  • Excel software

  • Bi-weekly calendar template

Download a bi-weekly calendar template that can be used with Microsoft Excel. See the Resources section for one such download.

Select the year, month, date and time on which you want your bi-weekly calendar to begin. The options for selecting this information is found on a wizard screen that comes up when you load the bi-weekly calendar template.

View the 14 days in your bi-weekly calendar along the top line of your spreadsheet. You will see the times for your calendar along the left side of your screen.

Fill in the blanks of your calendar with events you have scheduled for the dates and times during the given two-week period. Be as detailed as you like, including names, phone numbers and locations of meetings.

Print your bi-weekly calendar by clicking on "File" in the upper left-hand corner of your Excel spreadsheet. From the "File" menu, scroll down to "Print Area" and select "Set Print Area." Click on the upper left-hand corner of your bi-weekly calendar spreadsheet and drag your mouse to highlight the entire two-week period you would like to print. Click "File" again on your Excel software and scroll down to "Page Setup." When the new tab opens, click on "Fit to." Click "Print." This will print your entire bi-weekly calendar to fit on your one sheet of paper.