How to Reset Lamp Hours on a Sharp LCD Projector

By Kevin Leeper

Updated January 09, 2018

Replacing the lamp in a Sharp LCD projector requires the lamp indicator to be reset. When the lamp needs to be replaced, the indicator becomes red. Resetting the counter for the lamp hours to zero will also reset the indicator to green.

Items you will need

  • Sharp LCD projector

  • Power cord

Attach the power cord to the projector and plug it into an electrical outlet.

Locate the buttons on the top of the projector and simultaneously hold down the "Enter", "Menu" and "down arrow" buttons, then press the "Standby/On" button.

Continue holding all four buttons depressed until the lamp indicator light begins flashing green.The counter is now reset. Zero hours will now be displayed on the screen.


Do not reset the lamp hours back to zero unless a new lamp has been installed. The lamp is rated only for a certain number of hours and if used beyond its intended life, the lamp could explode within the projector.