How to Create a Promotional Flyer for a Beauty Pageant Event

by Contributing Writer ; Updated January 09, 2018

Designed properly, a flyer can inspire excitement and convey a sense of urgency to registering for your beauty pageant. That can lead to a higher number of contestants participating in your pageant, and a better event altogether.

Your flyer should be visually appealing and convey a story. Start your flier with an attention-grabbing headline, such as “Imagine being crowned Miss…,”,or “You can become a Queen.” List additional information on your event.

Include the name of your pageant and information as to how hopeful contestants can qualify. Make sure to state things like age requirements, whether or not contestants can be married, residency requirements and any other basic information.

List the prizes your winner and runner-ups will receive, such as crown, sashes, flowers, gift certificates or any other opportunities. Be sure to also mention if the winner of your pageant competes in any other pageants during her reign.

Include an eye-catching picture of last year’s winner. If this is your first pageant, include a picture of the crown and sash on a velvet pillow. You can place this picture on the right side of the flyer and the text information on the left or vice-verse. You can also place your picture as the background image of your flyer and impose the text information on top.

Place information on how to contact you, including your address, email, phone number and website. Include a deadline date. A deadline is a great motivator for contestants who procrastinate, because they will see they only have a certain amount of time to enter.

Include sponsor information or logos of your sponsors at the end of your flyer. Including this information motivates contestants, and it’s a way of thanking your sponsors.

Once you have determined the design of your flier, choose a quality printer. You can print quality fliers at home, at a local printer or even at a national printer you can find on the Internet.


  • If you are a preliminary director for a state or national pageant, your state or national director may provide you with flyer samples.

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