How to Develop a Good Relationship with your Boss

by braniac ; Updated January 09, 2018

Would you like to be in good standing with your boss? Hate it when you're overlooked because someone-else seems to be more chumy with your boss? Envy the boss' pet (similar to teacher's pet)? Here's how you can get in good with the boss as well...

Items you will need

  • Time

  • Patience

  • Good attitude

  • Determination

For the most part, try to always agree with your boss. Even when you disagree, try to put a positive spin on it. For example, if your boss says to use a green pen, say, "I agree that we should use a pen, but how about if we try blue in addition to green."

Try to always have a pleasant attitude. Even when you're boss is upset or under pressure, try to keep a happy exterior. He/She may not show it, but having an employee with a happy attitude is a great comfort to your boss.

Always be helpful and hard-working. Don't just do your job and be done with it. Go the extra distance and volunteer for work if you can. This will give your boss the idea that you are a team player who will not just look out for himself/herself but be willing to look out for the interests of the company.

It may not seem like much, but always acknowledge a good idea or action your boss has taken. This is akin to providing compliments. As worthless as they may seem, the compliments will help to make your boss associated you with good feelings.

If your boss has any enemies, be sure to let him/her know that you are on his/her side. It's not a good idea to have enemies yourself, but perhaps you can make a joke about his/her enemies when you two are alone.

Be sure to always attend any "public" functions for your boss such as a 10-year ceremony or office birthday party in his honor. By attending, you provide subtle clues that you care.

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