How to Perform a Publicity Stunt

by ContributorUpdated January 09, 2018

Nothing will get you noticed or help you gain notoriety faster than a well thought out and perfectly executed publicity stunt. Whether you want to draw attention to something you want to advertise or get people interested in or you just want to grab a few seconds in the spotlight, a publicity stunt can guarantee that you earn some recognition. Here are some suggestions for performing a publicity stunt.

Make it big. Whatever you plan for your stunt, make sure it is extravagant enough, loud enough and in a large enough location to guarantee that a lot of people will be watching and that everyone will see you. A publicity stunt that no one sees will just leave you disappointed, and if you're going to risk your reputation and possibly get into trouble for whatever it is you do, you will want to make sure people pay attention. Choose the setting for your publicity stunt so that there will be a large crowd and plan for your stunt to take place at a vantage point where they can all see you.

Be creative. If you're going to go all-out and perform a publicity stunt, make it one that no one has ever done or seen before. It's OK to use some classic attention-getting acts as inspiration, like streaking across a football field naked or skydiving, but make your actual stunt unique and new. This will guarantee that people will remember it and talk about it afterward.

Alert the local media. A surefire way to guarantee that a lot of people see your publicity stunt is to tip off the local radio or television station that something is going to happen. A camera crew filming your publicity stunt could result in it being televised; this will definitely increase your audience and help you gain some notoriety. Remember not to give the radio or television stations too many details because this will spoil the surprise of whatever you have planned and also give them the opportunity to alert local police or authorities who might intervene and stop you from carrying out your publicity stunt.

Convey your message clearly. While your publicity stunt needs to be a little crazy or outrageous to guarantee that it will be effective, your stunt should not overshadow the reason you're performing the stunt in the first place. If you are trying to promote something like a movie or a band or you are rallying support for a political cause, make sure that there are slogans or logos visible and displayed during your publicity stunt so that people will associate you and your publicity stunt with the entity you are raising awareness for or promoting .

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