How to Find My House in Google Earth

By Vaughnlea Leonard

Google Earth uses satellite images.
i earth image by Orlando Florin Rosu from

Google Earth is a software package developed by Keyhole Incorporated. It uses satellite pictures to enable users to find geographical positions anywhere in the world. You can enter a name of a business or street address and Google Earth will give you a virtual image of your subject. Many people often wonder "how do I find my house in Google Earth?" With some basic Internet, computer and typing skills, you can find your location. Several Google Earth features even let you see what your house or neighborhood looked like years ago. Get a historical map of your house or find it with a few easy steps in the right direction.

Enter your address into an online latitude/longitude converter. Save the "From Google" numbers as you will enter them into Google Earth later. It is one way to confirm your geographic global position.

Open Google Earth by double-clicking on its desktop icon. Enter your address into the blank area just under the phrase "Fly to." It is located at the top-left portion of your computer screen. Push your "Enter" button and wait for a moment once again.

Erase your house address from the "Fly to" blank field. Type in the latitude and longitude numbers you acquired earlier. Be sure to separate the two longitude and latitude with a comma. Hit your "Enter" button and wait. Hover your mouse-pointer at the right portion of your screen to view the slider. Click on either the "+" or "-" to view different perspectives of your house. Plus will get you closer and minus will pull the image away a bit.

View historical images maps of your house. Do this by clicking on the word "View" at the top portion of your screen. Click the phrase "Historical Imagery." Read the time line at the top-left portion of the satellite map. Click on a portion of the time line to find a house in Google Earth from years ago.