How to Find My House With Google

By Erika Dean

Find your house using Google.
i house image by Earl Robbins from

If you are curious and want to see your house on the Internet, you can find it using Google. The popular search engine offers multiple services on its website, including Google Maps. With Google Maps, you can find directions and even view images of certain locations or landmarks, including your house.

Go to the Google Maps website and enter your house address in the form next to "Search Maps" and press "Enter." A traditional map will open with a placemark next to where your home should be located.

Look at the menu of different map views at the top right of the map. Some views you can choose from include "Traffic," "Satellite" and "Earth." You can view images to find your house using the Satellite view, but you need the Google Earth plug-in to find your house in Earth view. While you can find your house using Satellite view, you can zoom in closer using Earth view.

Click "Satellite" or "Earth" to find your house. The map is now shown in Satellite or Earth view, which means you can view images of your street and home.

Click the "+" to zoom in to view your house. Click and drag the map to view other homes on your street.